Wedding Extravaganza


“Bigger and different!” That’s the motto Adamsville fireworks mogul Debbie Foster lives by. Foster’s company, Pyro Productions, Inc. has been lighting up Southern skies for six years, drawing “oohs,” and “aahs” with displays of explosive colors and ear-splitting detonations. Foster is the daughter of “Crazy Bill” Cairns, whose roadside trailers have been peddling an assortment of skyrockets, bottle rockets, and firecrackers for years. Pyro launches fireworks productions [not to be confused with a "fireworks show," according to Foster] for Barons games, the Steeldogs, the now-departed XFL, and the Alabama State Fair, the venue where she met fiancee Jeff Neu.

It was those majestic evenings together at the Fairgrounds under the exploding sky that led to an engagement ring and what is being billed as “the wedding event of the year.” True to Foster’s concept of extravaganza, Debbie and Jeff will seal their vows August 18, at the Barons annual Skyfest fireworks celebration held at the Hoover Met. The event is also part of Pyro Productions annual exhibition showcase, which gives clients the opportunity to view Foster’s immense firepower. “Of course, I had to have fireworks at my wedding,” laughs Foster in her pixie Southern drawl. “Being the fireworks lady, it was expected. We’re making it a business and friends and family gathering. We’re killing three birds with one stone.”

As a prelude to the public wedding, a private ceremony is scheduled for earlier in the evening in the Michael Jordon Banquet Room at the Met. “Then, as soon as the Barons game is over, the lights will go out like we’re going to start Skyfest. We’ll draw the crowd’s attention to the JumboTron, and there will be a short video where I introduce myself and do a behind the scenes look at what it takes to put on Skyfest. That’ll give us two minutes to set up the field pyrotechnics and roll out the red carpet.”

Spotlights will zero in as Debbie and Jeff walk towards each other on the carpet, reciting their vows [which will be pre-recorded]. “The very instant our lips touch, the fireworks will start!” Foster gushes, unable to conceal her delight. Skyfest 2001 will then begin. The wedding spectacle will be captured on film for a documentary the couple plans to pitch to the Discovery, History and Lifetime channels.

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