Journalism documenting the culture of Birmingham, Alabama and its region….

Jim Bob & The Leisure Suits: Rockin’ The Boat With New Waves Originally published in The Oxford American

The following articles were published in Black & White Magazine

Weight of the Wind

A Soldiers Story

Merry Go Round Menagerie

Gear Head

Out of Time

Camp Heaven

Hitting the Mat

Eudora and Zelda

Feathered Warriors

Plantation Monthly

The Juke Joint

All Souled Out

Baker Knight

Peace on Earth

Wax Country Music Stars Face Homelessness

King of the Road

My Dad

…and local color

The Champ

Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present

Easy On The Mayo


Shopping on the Hit Run

A Relaxed Pace

Baseball the Star Spangled Banner and All That Jazz


The Eternal Word

Roll Away the Stone

Walking Tall

Cat Show Confidential

Chomping at the Bit

Six Flags Over Birmingham

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

A Pack of Lies

Former President Bush Addresses Business Leaders

Tea Party Zen

Immaculate Deception





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