Reviews of newly published books combined with contemporary as well as historical context. Section I contains reviews written for the Alabama Writer’s Forum while Section II presents review originally published in Black & White Magazine.

Book reviews for Alabama Writers’ Forum

Truth Lies and O Rings: Inside The Space Shuttle Disaster

Hugh Martin The Boy Next Door

Hank Hung The Moon And Warmed Our Cold Hearts

Smoke Jumper Pilot — The Remarkable Life of Apollo 14 Astronaut Stuart Roosa

Doc — The Story of A Birmingham Jazzman


Year of The Pig

You Want Fries With That — A White Collar Burnout Experiences Life At
Minimum Wage

Liquor In The Land of The Lost Cause Southen White Evangelicals And the Prohibition Movement

A Centennial Celebration of The Bright Star Restaurant

Rocket City Rock Soul — Huntsville Musicians Remember The 1960s

Back To The Moon

The Race Beat

Section II

Free Agent

One Giant Leap

Living on Martian Time

Out Of This World

Will You Miss Miss Me When Im Gone

20th Century Boy

Tragic Song of Life

A Day in Hell

A Pocketful of Doubt


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