Another Swindle Adventure

Another Swindle Adventure


May 19, 2005Author Michael Swindle has spent a lifetime chasing adventure as he pens stories for numerous national publications, including The Village Voice, Details, the New York Times Book Review, and The Washington Post. His eye for the bizarre has produced a stream of outlandish tales of cockfights and hot dog rodeos in Louisiana, hunting wild boar with pit bulls in the Everglades, and searching for hollering contests in North Carolina after discovering “hollerin’” recordings while on vacation in the Appalachians. “It’s a collection of nonfiction pieces that I have written over the past decade,” Swindle, a former Birmingham resident who now lives in New Orleans, explains of his latest book, Slouching Towards Birmingham: Shotgun Golf, Hog Hunting, Ass-Hauling Alligators, Rara in Haiti, Zapatistas, and Anahuac New Year’s in Mexico City. “I’m going for the longest subtitle of the year award,” he jokes. Among the stories are observations on the fanaticism of the Alabama-Auburn rivalry and his learning of George Harrison’s death while living in Mexico, where Spanish stations suddenly dropped their usual Hispanic music formats to spin Beatles tunes.


Swindle is currently traveling across the country for a series of readings and signings. “I’m going to the West Coast at the end of June. It’ll be the apex of my career. I’m going to do a reading at City Lights Books [famed San Francisco bookstore that was a home of sorts to the beat writers]. Those were the guys who got me started on the road to ruin in the first place,” he laughs. Michael Swindle’s road to ruin stops in Birmingham with a signing at Alabama Booksmith on Friday, May 27, at 4 p.m. He’ll also be appearing at Cosmo’s Pizza in Five Points South on May 29, at 3 p.m.

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